Our #1 Specialty is Turntable service. We have made quite the name for ourselves with offering great service, all with custom upgrades at affordable pricing. 

The fresh and new package:

Includes a full cleaning and servicing, 99% of all concerns your table may have can be taken care during this process. All old lubricant gets removed and new lubricant is applied.

Everything will get cleaned, polished and set-up. Your cartridge will be properly aligned and all correct tone arm adjustments will be made.

That's the normal stuff....

Now what sets us apart!

We remove your tables old RCA cables, you know... the ones that may have been bound by a rubber band for the last 30 years! These old RCA cables of yours will degrade the sound and, equally importantly, can start to drive you crazy with channels cutting in and out. Don't fuss with them any longer! We replace these cables with new Gold RCA jacks that are panel mounted. Take a look at the photos below. Also take note....NO more pesky ground to deal with. Just plug in new cables and you are ready to give it a spin.

Lastly we replace that old and crusty power wire and polish the dustcover,  this way everything starts fresh and clean.

Some tables may require special attention. If there are any concerns, we discuss it first! 

We are always open to any custom suggestions and wants you may have too.



Analog Restorations